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“Our pursuit of practice transformation yielded benefits across the board for all stakeholders. Patients experienced the benefits of receiving fully patient-centric care, greater care coordination
and communication, a much better-established relationship with their physicians and real-time and on-demand access to care. Our physicians experienced the benefits of standardization of
the science of medicine, practice revenue stabilization, improved efficiency and standardized data compilation.” 
– Kashyap Patel, MD | CEO, Carolina Blood and Cancer Care; NCQA Recognized PCSP



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Oncology practices have a unique relationship with patients: They take on the principal long-term care of patients in active cancer treatment. That’s why NCQA developed the Oncology Medical Home Recognition program for oncology practices, built on the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) model.

Recent studies show that implementing the medical home model in oncology practices reduces fragmentation, supports shared decision making and improves the patient experience. It can also improve the health of patients and reduce health care costs.

NCQA’s Oncology Medical Home Recognition program can result in:

  • Patient-centered access
  • Shared decision making
  • Coordination of care
  • Improved patient experience
  • Continuous quality improvement
NCQA Recognition programs are developed from evidence-based standards and guidelines. Practices download these standards, review them, perform a gap analysis and apply the standards based on their practice needs. After transforming their practice, they use NCQA’s survey tool to submit evidence to NCQA that they meet the standards. Practices that meet the standards earn recognition status and can display the NCQA seal.

More than 12,000 primary and specialty care practices (with more than 60,000 clinicians) have earned NCQA Recognition through one of NCQA’s recognition programs.

Learn more about the NCQA Oncology Medical Home Recognition by filling out the form to the right. An NCQA representative will be in touch.  

See the Oncology Medical Home Webinar here.


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