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The annual enrollment period ended January 13, 2017.
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The NCQA LTSS Best Practices Academy is an interactive forum for professionals to discuss strategies for coordinating quality long-term services and supports (LTSS) care programs. The academy fosters informative discussions and enriching information exchanges.  

The NCQA Accreditation standards and guidelines are the academy’s foundation—supporting delivery of effective, person-centered care.

Member Benefits

The LTSS Best Practices Academy offers various resources to enhance your development. Key benefits available January 2018 include:

  • Unique opportunity to learn and discuss improvement ideas and strategies with industry peers and partners to overcome issues and uncover the most effective methods for addressing challenges.
  • Exclusive materials and tools, including:
    • Three on-demand education Webinars (a $300 value).
    • Access to academy presentations and Webinar materials from the member-only download center.
    • LinkedIn Academy resource. A site to share trending, up-to-date topics related to LTSS.
  • Access to NCQA staff and other members of the LinkedIn Academy community.

Who can Benefit from the LTSS Best Practices Academy?

  • Community-based organizations (e.g.area agencies on aging, centers for independent living, home and community based orgs., etc.)
  • Comprehensive Medicaid MLTSS health plans and MLTSS-only health plans.
  • State representatives.
  • Other (e.g. health information technology vendors, LTSS service delivery orgs., case management training orgs., etc.)


NCQA would like to thank Preferred Population Health Management (PPHM) as the exclusive sponsor of the academy, supporting ongoing learning and development associated with improving the coordination of LTSS. Thanks to the generous support of PPHM, many academy participants will have the opportunity to participate at a significantly reduced cost.


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