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Recognizing Trusted Partners for Patient Care

NCQA’s Patient-Centered Connected CareTM Recognition program supports clinical integration and communication, creating a roadmap for how sites delivering intermittent or outpatient treatment—but do not act as a primary care provider for a majority of its patients—can effectively communicate and connect with primary care and fit into the medical home “neighborhood.” The recognition program:

  • Supports use of evidence-based guidelines in treating patients.
  • Provides a consensus-driven framework for how non-PCMH and non-specialty sites fit within the medical home neighborhood and how they connect to primary care.
  • Helps entities become a part of the medical home neighborhood, resulting in better outcomes and improved patient experience.
  • Improves trust among providers.
  • Helps reduce waste in the health care system, such as duplication of procedures and unnecessary readmissions or hospitalizations.
Who Is Eligible?

Clinics or practices that provide outpatient health consultation or treatment of acute/episodic illness are eligible for NCQA Patient-Centered Connected Care Recognition. Sites delivering primary care services can seek NCQA PCMH Recognition; sites with board-certified specialists can seek NCQA PCSP Recognition.

Entities that meet the requirements of this program include:

  • Onsite employee health clinics.
  • Convenient care/retail clinics.
  • Urgent care centers/free-standing walk-in clinics.
  • School- or university-based health clinics.
  • Non-primary care clinics that provide outpatient treatment (e.g., physical therapy, podiatry, optometry, dental services).
If you aren’t sure if your site qualifies, or for more information on program benefits and requirements, fill out the form to the right and an NCQA representative will respond within one business day. 

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About NCQA Recognition
NCQA Recognition programs evaluate delivery and coordination of care to ensure that patients receive the right care, in the right amount, at the right time. Sites awarded an NCQA seal demonstrate that they deliver quality care using the latest clinical protocols. More than 40,000 clinicians in more than 9,000 practice sites have achieved recognition through NCQA’s Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) and Patient-Centered Specialty Practice (PCSP) Recognition programs.


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